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Park City, Utah

A picture is worth a thousand words.  We had the whole family except for Greg, to visit over the Fourth of July holiday in Park City, Utah:

Park City

Rose Hill Rally

Metric half century (50 km). First organized event of the year, used to publicize and raise funds for a home maintained by St. Mary’s Hospital for relatives of patients.

Total distance: 33.19 mi
Max elevation: 4705 ft
Min elevation: 4478 ft
Total climbing: 1404 ft
Total descent: -1270 ft
Average speed: 11.31 mi/h

One of the organizers of the Rose Hill Rally is  Ed Lipton, an attorney I remembered from my days practicing law, and the first Public Defender in Mesa County. I asked Ed about what bike he rode, and he strongly recommended the REI bikes. I subsequently bought one, and thanks Ed for the recommendation.

At the first rest stop, I was approached by one of the bike mechanics from Brown’s Cycles.

As it turned out, he has the same bike as I do – a Bianchi, same year, same color.



I spent the better part of the morning at the local LDS church poring over an old book on their computers.  Although it’s been digitized, you can’t get it online directly, but only in their libraries, under the watchful supervision of church members.  There were several of them there, and I fit in the age demographic perfectly; they must have been bored because they all loved sharing my discovery.   Putting the pieces together is very much like finishing a jigsaw puzzle, and it gives me the same satisfaction that Georgia gets when her 1000 piece puzzle is finished.  I’d like to share this.

My family is related to the Beebes, who migrated in the 1830’s from Vermont to Illinois, but the documents I found) certainly fleshed out the story.
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2015 was a year of memorable events.  Please scroll down the blog to see what we’ve been doing.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Georgia had a  hip replacement in late February, which was successful beyond our wildest dreams.  Just a few short weeks after the operation, we took a sightseeing trip to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park:  20150330-130516
  • I crashed my motorcycle; it was totalled but I wasn’t badly hurt,  and we took the insurance proceeds and bought a replacement Mazda MX5 Miata.   20150513-172201Much safer and almost as much fun.
  • I celebrated my 70th birthday:
  • We flew to Gabi Papp’s wedding in Hungary then flew on to visit Felicity and her parents in Waterfall, near Durban, South Africa.
  • We had visits from several friends and family, including Cathy’s husband Greg, and Mike and Carol Snyder,
  • We took a trip to Oregon to visit Cathy and Greg (and her dog Sadie), and came back by way of Sacramento where we had dinner with my Aunt Mary and all but one of my cousins from my dad’s side of the family.  20151012-200718
  • Finally, at the end of the month we’re going to celebrate our (glub) 40th anniversary!


Merry Christmas!

If you’ve come here for our 2015 Christmas letter, you’ve found it.  This is actually a blog which goes back several years, but you can look at and comment on anything you see here.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family, and we hope you have a great 2016

Steve & Georgia

Thanksgiving 2015

Everyone came to our house for Thanksgiving.  Christi’s parents were here, but she was working with new mothers and their babies at St. Mary’s.  So she was there in spirit. 20151126-191851

More pictures:


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