I broke the clock!

In 1982, I bought a mantel clock kit as a Christmas present for everyone.  It was a pleasure to assemble, and you all know what it looks and sounds like.   It originally came with a mechanical movement (from the Emperor Clock Company) which struck four chime bars along the bottom.

After about ten years, the spring broke.  I sent it back in to be repaired.  Then seven or so years later the repaired spring broke again, so I ordered a quartz electronic clock movement (this time from Klockit) which sounded different but worked flawlessly … until Sunday.  Daylight Savings Time ended, and guess who forgot the instructions about never, never turning the clock backwards?  It stripped the nylon threads so the time was perpetually frozen at 4:20.

Half past nothing!

Fortunately, Klockit still has electronic movements, and I ordered one which should arrive shortly.

Please remember never turn the clock backwards in November!

[UPDATE] New electronic movement installed and it works just fine.

Sound of the old movement

Sound of the new movement.

Grandma Ken’s cinnamon rolls

Sent this to Becky by email today.

Dough (your best bread dough).  After it rises, roll it out to about 1/4 in. thick, spread butter, cinnamon and sugar.  Roll up.  In the pan you will bake the rolls, rub the bottom with butter, then put enough brown sugar to cover the bottom, then nuts if desired (I use pecans).  Cut the rolled up dough about 1 inch. put into the baking pan.  Let rise, after it has doubled, pour half and half, or cream (about 1 tablespoon)over each roll and bake at the directions of the recipe you used for the dough.

Grandma Sugar used to give is very thick cream and when it soured Grandma Ken would make us cinnamon rolls.


Georgia reminded me earlier this week that November 3 was my father’s birthday.  He would have been 94 years old.

Me and my father, in Boulder, probably about 1970

Then I started looking around and realized that October 24, 2011, when we were doing – nothing important – was the twentieth anniversary of his death in Keizer, Oregon.  I had forgotten.

Finally, I found that sometime I had uploaded a really maudlin song by one of my favorite performers,   The Old Man by Phil Coulter to my webspace.

I listened to it for awhile and then started crying.  God, I sometimes forget how much I miss him.  And I always will.

Kids visit

Georgia had gone to be with Jackie, and I had agreed to take all three kids while Christi went to Denver for her L.P.N. test.

By the time we got done with showers last night I was crapped out. Having all three of them here at once is hugely fun but exhausting. I asked them to put the hammock together, and watching them took 3x as long as if I’d just done it, but it was intriguing to sit back and let them puzzle it out. And they discovered that the multilevel solar fountain is the perfect device for launching leaf boats and watching them go over the tiny waterfall to the next level down. And then take the leaf, put it in the top bowl and start again. And again. And again.

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