One of my favorite hobbies is reviving old computers and electronic devices.  Most of them have been built to last a long time, but technology passes them by long before they wear out.  A good example is my old Motorola Droid, the original Android device.  Our Verizon contract ran out, and both of our Droids have been replaced by an HTC Incredible (Android) for me and an iPhone 4S (Georgia).  Faster, prettier, snazzier.

But the old Droid still works, and I replaced the batteries a few months before we retired them.  I was thinking I’d like an iPod or similar device so I could listen to music and podcasts, play games, check my email and watch videos.  Wait a minute; my old Droid did all that.

And it still does.  Just fine.  I deleted all of the apps which wouldn’t be used, and put the music player, Spotify and a podcast reader on the front page, and it now works better than an iPod.  If I’d wanted to buy an old one on eBay, they’re available for <$40.  Such a deal.

I just have to remember that it’s not a phone any more.