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Glade Park

The Colorado National Monument is spectacular, but if you take another route up and back, you can find some really interesting scenery in a place called Glade Park.  It’s a favorite of Terry’s, who discovered the place when he was working as a surveyor for Drexel Barell.  He has hidden several Geocaches in the vicinity, and given the quality of cell service, should be able to deploy a Munzee or two.

Stu and I rode  there today.  Click on any picture to enlarge it; click again and it will shrink back to its original size.

The Glade Park Store has been in the same crossroads location for 100 years; it’s the real thing, with soft drinks, snacks, and everything the neighbors might need.

Across the intersection is a house that must be occupied by a very, very interesting person.  The outdoor stairs lead to an observatory (!):

and in the back yard, you’ll find an old bridge, painted shocking pink, which will take you from the second story of the house to the roof of a perfectly restored Rio Grande Railroad boxcar.  How did the boxcar get up here?  The nearest tracks are probably in Fruita or Grand Junction, and I wouldn’t think that transporting it up there was a trivial job.

and a phone booth that still bears the manufacturer’s brass identification; it was made for Mountain Bell Telephone by Western Electric.  No phone, but we tried:

The road continues to Utah past a perfect arch.  The top is white sandstone, the bottom is red.  It looks like a candy cane.

Across the road is a rancher who must have a windmill fetish; there are probably ten of them.  Although it was breezy, none were blowing.

About eight miles from the Utah border, the road turns to gravel, so since we didn’t have the right kind of tires or machines, we turned around.

Stu expressed his opinion of a homemade cattle guard.  Unlike his, which are designed to meet all the standards and look good, this one looked like the amateur hour.  A horse would break its leg trying to walk across this one.

Driving back.  Such boring scenery!




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  1. Looks like a neat trip Steve. If you would have turned left at the store i and went south a few miles you would have went past Jerry Flecks place k0du. You may have know that already..

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