Update:  Those who have expressed a desire to build this kit: KØGUZ, KDØVDV.  I ordered it on November 11, and when it hadn’t arrived by January 1, I emailed QRP-Labs, and received a prompt response that they were holding my kit until the enclosure was shipped to them, and they were having supplier difficulties. I asked them to ship the kit immediately; they did, and it arrived from Sedalia, Missouri in two days. Moral: when you place your order, either don’t order the enclosure at the same time, or ask that they send the electronics and the enclosure separately.

The completed transceiver

As I mentioned at the last meeting of the Western Colorado Amateur Radio Club, I bought a QRP-labs QCX single band transceiver kit, and hope to build it in time for Field Day this summer.  It’s a very sophisticated yet easy to build unit that will let you work the world on 5 watts CW.

CW?  Here’s a good introduction to Morse by Dave Casler, KE0OG: 

Is CW, a/k/a Human Readable Digital Code, dead?  No

I agree with him, and you, that learning a new language or skill is a great way for us to keep our brains functioning.  And if you

Here’s a link to the transceiver ordering page, along with videos and links to reviews and modifications:  I ordered the 20M version because that band is good during the daytime, while 40 is better at night, and I have trouble staying awake after 9.  In retrospect, I probably should have ordered the 30M version, because that band is wonderfully uncrowded and has the best propagation characteristics of both 20 and 40.

In case you want to get in touch with me, send an email to my callsign @arrl.net.  I hope you’ll want to build this along with us.


Steve, KØGUZ

Updates from KIØG, who built one of these kits:

  • Build it and the GPS unit also so it can be a WSPR transmitter. Fred just built another one. The built-in test instrument suite is really amazing and can be used outboard. 
  • Read the discussion on the web site for some ideas of glitches others have found, nothing serious as I recall. I think I removed two turns from T1 to increase power a bit.