What We Learned Today:  Allen and I learned that the gas plant can’t be reached from 20 Road.

Total distance: 31.98 mi
Max elevation: 4728 ft
Min elevation: 4508 ft
Total climbing: 1056 ft
Total descent: -1056 ft
Average speed: 13.27 mi/h

The weather yesterday was delightful – a tailwind to Fruita and calm winds thereafter.  Temperature in the mid 80’s.  Few clouds.  As has become our custom, we stopped at the Bestslope Coffee Company at 129 N. Peach Street.

Fruita Coffee House

It’s run by a former middle school science teacher and was backed by the Hot Tomato ladies.  The coffee is good, particularly their cold brew, and the company pleasant.  We ran across the parents of 8 week old twin boys, who had taken them out for a ride while Mom & Dad  enjoyed coffee:


I think the mom is the sister of the owner, and SHE was the one who was hauling the trailer with the little boys.