Cheyenne has a surprising variety of bike paths, although like Grand Junction, they’re poorly marked.  But if you have a guide, you can see a lot of this interesting city.

Total distance: 10.38 mi
Max elevation: 6138 ft
Min elevation: 5971 ft
Total climbing: 591 ft
Total descent: -623 ft
Average speed: 10.61 mi/h

The National Weather Service promised zero percent chance of rain, so we ignored our lying eyes which saw some pretty dark clouds to the west. Of course, our eyes were correct and we had to take shelter under a portico of a rather pretentious apartment house for it to pass.  We then rode to an underpass.  The Union Pacific mainline was to the north, and the city fathers had created a chain link tunnel.  Was it to stop us from running out on the train tracks or throwing things at the trains, or to protect us from things thrown from the overpass?

Tunnel Cheyenne

Mystery Tunnel

Evenutally the rain passed and we were on our way.  A very nice trip.