Metric half century (50 km). First organized event of the year, used to publicize and raise funds for a home maintained by St. Mary’s Hospital for relatives of patients.

Total distance: 33.19 mi
Max elevation: 4705 ft
Min elevation: 4478 ft
Total climbing: 1404 ft
Total descent: -1270 ft
Average speed: 11.31 mi/h

One of the organizers of the Rose Hill Rally isĀ  Ed Lipton, an attorney I remembered from my days practicing law, and the first Public Defender in Mesa County. I asked Ed about what bike he rode, and he strongly recommended the REI bikes. I subsequently bought one, and thanks Ed for the recommendation.

At the first rest stop, I was approached by one of the bike mechanics from Brown’s Cycles.

As it turned out, he has the same bike as I do – a Bianchi, same year, same color.