To replace my beloved Honda VTX, I started an obsessive web search for the only car I’ve ever actually wanted to buy: a Mazda Miata.  We found it at a dealer in Denver.

It’s a 2006 model convertible, and had less than 17000 miles when I bought it.  I think it was originally owned by Dr. Doug Yajko, a well-known Garfield County physician and surgeon; in any event, it’s been a lot of fun to drive, and almost as exciting as the motorcycle.  It’s fire engine red, and probably a magnet for the State Patrol, But it has a lot more sheet metal between us and other cars, and the added benefit of having an extra seat, and Georgia can – and loves to – drive it.  It has my ham radio plate, as did the first car I owned fifty years ago.

Old and NewA good friend, Ken Rahn, KBØHP, suggested that it was going to be a garage princess, never to be left outside.  I like that name.  So does the car.  The name is particularly appripriate, because the first call with my KØGUZ license plates was a Renault Dauphine.

Next idea: a road trip to fill in my McMenamin’s passport.

Road Trip?