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Gift Exchange

We postponed our Christmas gift exchange with the kids until Saturday, so that Jackie and Maria could be here.

This year, the kids all were told that they needed to pick out or make something for Georgia and me.  So for one of the first times, they had the fun of watching us unwrap their presents as they gave us long explanations of what they meant by each gift.  And they all had that anxious look of anticipation as they watched us open our presents, hoping we’d like them.

Katie gave us handmade tea bag rests she’d made at a local pottery paint-it-yourself store with some of her middle school friends.  Emily made two really clever pictures, and found frames for them.   Josh told Georgia that he knew she liked to cook and liked green things, so he used his allowance and bought her a tiny little green cooking pot; he said that he knew I liked tools, so he bought me a C clamp.

They need not have worried.  We loved them.

It snowed a little bit, so Jackie could make a small snowman, and Jackie and Maria discovered why Jackie’s new car has a defroster.

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  1. Paula

    What great fun you all had. Thinking and doing gifts are really a good way to tell someone you really do pay attention and know what they do and want.

  2. greG

    Awesome to see a white Christmas! Looks like everyone had a great time at the new house. I really like Terry’s hat. What a cute snowman! Love you all.

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