Last Saturday I joined over 640 other motorcyclists in a toy run from the Grand Junction Harley Davidson dealer, about 10 miles to a toy pickup Salvation Army truck in a middle school in eastern Grand Junction. The ostensible purpose of this event was to provide toys for children who otherwise wouldn’t have them, so the price of admission was at least one toy, to be carried in a very, very long line of motorcycles.

The parade began at noon, and we followed a city police car, which means we had the luxury of holding up traffic and going through every red light on the route.  A very surprising number of people came out on what was an overcast but fairly warm day to wave at us and cheer us on. There’s something exhilarating about participating in a mass event like this; everyone involved had a good time.

There may have been 25 non-Harley motorcycles along, but those of us on Hondas, Kawasakis and Indians didn’t feel put down – just overwhelmed. Ages of the riders ranged from 16 to at least 80, and some looked like accountants or retired judges (!!), but there were some seriously tattooed folks. Some wore outlandish costumes, many had on Santa Claus hats.  About the only common denominator was black leather; a lot of cow hides were used to make everybody look good. The rival western slope motorcycle clubs wore their vests with the club name on the back and a forest of pins from other runs they’d participated in, and setting out their (usually extremely conservative and pro-second amendment) political opinions.  I don’t think that the Sons of Silence, Band of Brothers or other clubs are clones of the Sons of Anarchy, but some of the club members could easily get jobs as extras on the show.

It’s hard to capture a mass event like this without a helicopter or drone, but here are a few pictures:


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