One of my favorite hobbies is reviving old computers and electronic devices.  Most of them have been built to last a long time, but technology passes them by long before they wear out.  A good example is my old Motorola Droid, the original Android device.  Our Verizon contract ran out,Read More →


View Larger Map Park service gift stores no longer stock film and flashbulbs or prephotographed slides or View Master reels of  scenic wonders, and their postcard collection is hidden in a corner.  How long has it been since you have sent or received one? I think I still have a lotRead More →


A dangreous forest fire near Jackson has brought lots of firefighters to the area, and depending on the prevailing winds, your view of the Grand Tetons can be obscured by smoke. We drove from our condo in Wilson (west of Jackson and on the way to the Jackson Hole skiRead More →