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Corned Beef Hash Experiment

While Georgia has been in Grand Junction, I’ve been playing with this weblog to see if I understand how to use its features. It’s not quite as easy to use as Picasa or Google+ or Facebook, but I think I’ve got more control over the content and who can view it.  I’ve been inspired by a blogger on the motorcycle Adventure Riders forum.  He goes  by the name Radioman (I haven’t figured out exactly where the name came from). He’s in his mid 50’s, and for the last few years was a caregiver while his wife descended into Altzheimers.  After her death, he decided to do the one thing he’d wanted to do all his life – take a round-the-world motorcycle trip.  He posts updates every day or two and has created an online blog  to chronicle his adventures. He’s a very good photographer and awesome video editor:
and his theory is that if you include lots of pictures, you make an interesting weblog. So I’m trying this this morning with pictures of me constructing home-made corned beef hash.

I started with some corned beef Georgia had made a few days ago, an onion and a potato.  Thank goodness for the food processor! A few whirls, and it’s done!

Cook until done, then add one of Jen Saborn’s colorful home grown eggs in the little green egg poaching boats and enjoy:

Add a cup of coffee, and the morning newspapers (the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel in dead tree format and the Denver Post on my Kindle Fire) and I’m good to go!

So how was it? Pretty good, and a lot less salty than the stuff that comes in cans. And how long did it take me to post this? I’m not telling. But I’m retired so it doesn’t matter!!

Rocket Stove

I bought a Rocket Stove, which is a cookstove that’s very efficient. One of Cathy’s friends’ sons is involved in bringing this design to the third world, where it could be use with just about any fuel. I bought this one from a company in Oregon. It was made in China.

We tried it out at Terry’s house. Helping us were the next door neighbors, Jack and Colin. Jack is a Cub Scout so he knows a bit about how to make a fire.

We put some more green wood in the stove and it backfired, or so it seemed. Note how Colin has disappeared and Jack has backed up to a safe distance.

But when we got home, it worked just fine. Terry noticed that I was using a grill that puts fake grill marks on the hot dogs. I hadn’t noticed that.

Grandma Ken’s cinnamon rolls

Sent this to Becky by email today.

Dough (your best bread dough).  After it rises, roll it out to about 1/4 in. thick, spread butter, cinnamon and sugar.  Roll up.  In the pan you will bake the rolls, rub the bottom with butter, then put enough brown sugar to cover the bottom, then nuts if desired (I use pecans).  Cut the rolled up dough about 1 inch. put into the baking pan.  Let rise, after it has doubled, pour half and half, or cream (about 1 tablespoon)over each roll and bake at the directions of the recipe you used for the dough.

Grandma Sugar used to give is very thick cream and when it soured Grandma Ken would make us cinnamon rolls.

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