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Happy New Year from Grand Junction

20141121-143900Happy New Year to everyone!  If you’re inclined, browse through this blog to see what we’ve been doing the past year.  Which turns out, quite a lot.

We’d been looking at houses on and off for some time.  We even thought of moving to one of the senior communities in Las Vegas.  But Grand Junction has everything we were looking for, not the least of which is close proximity of 3/4 of our grandchildren and our friends from Rifle.  All we couldn’t find was a house.  Then in August, our Realtor (ask me her name; I can highly recommend her) found a location and home we could afford, near to everything, that fit us perfectly.  Three bedrooms in a subdivision with a HOA that takes care of landscaping, the world’s smallest back yard, and a sunroom for Georgia’s sewing. We bought it.

Shoehorning 2200 square foot of crap accumulated over the last 40 years into 1600 square feet has been a challenge. Fortunately, our new home is located not far from the Goodwill store and drive-in collection depot.  I made several trips there and to the recycling center.

Moving to a fairly large city (140,000+) from a small town (8,000) has also been what used to be referred to as a culture shock.  All of the big box stores are close and well stocked, the restaurant selection is unreal, the downtown area is filled with cool bookstores and shops Colorado Mesa University, with arts and music performances weekly, is about six miles away.

We hope you’ll want to visit us.  We’re only a couple of miles from the airport, and the California Zephyr stops daily at the Amtrak station downtown.  And our new home has a guest bedroom!

[RFG_gallery id=’5′]


Our new home is closer to Moab, and the incredibly beautiful Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. In fact, a trip to either one makes for a great day trip. One day this fall, Terry, Josh and I did just that. We stopped first at the almost-deserted railroad town of Thompson Springs – one of the many exits to forgotten towns along I-70. Hard to believe that this was an Amtrak flag stop.

The Crescent Junction exit from I-70 to Moab is well worth a stop. The proprietor of the small gas station and convenience store told us with a straight face that the place is magical; abandoned vehicles turn overnight into Lightning McQueen’s racer and other denizens of the movie “Cars.”

Mesa Arch, probably one of the most photographed natural arches in Utah (it’s spectacular at sunrise) doesn’t look too scary until you realize that off of one side is a drop of literally thousands of feet.

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After 39 years, we moved from the only home our family has occupied. I bought it before we were married; we added on to it, and raised our family there. We have a sentimental attachment to 435 McCarron, but the house is just too big for the two of us, so on Thursday, October 2, five movers and two trucks arrived at 10 a.m. Everything was gone by 1 o’clock, and by 5:30 p.m., everything was in our new house. Our old house sure looks empty without all the furniture and the memories!

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We sold the house to a young couple with two small children. We hope they get as much pleasure out of living there as we did.



Katie, Emily and Josh had a couple of days off for teacher work days in late October, so Georgia and I took them to Vernal, Utah, to visit the dinosaur museum and the Dinosaur National Monument. I think they enjoyed it …  Note the happy smiles.

Dinosaur National Monument


We wanted to see if we could take them to the Sunset Drive-In, where their dad and aunts had really loved seeing La Bamba.  Unfortunately, it was now not only closed, but the screen was torn down and the area ready for another big box store.

At least they did enjoy straddling the border between Utah and Colorado.

Straddling the Utah-Colorado border



Vegetable Garden

I’m testing out how best to share pictures during our upcoming trip, so I thought I’d try a little experiment.
First, a picture of my not-quite-successful cross country ski trip with the Rifle recreation department to Grand Mesa. Yes, it really was that cold.

The the photoset below is a project which I built for Georgia last week; it’s a raised vegetable garden:


Vegetable Garden, a set on Flickr.

Then came the winter. For a few hours, it was January all over.


Finally, Georgia getting things ready for the trip.  To heck with clothes for us!



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